Construction, Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

Gesco Group scope of services covers, but not limited to, the following:

  • Supervision of Installation of Oil & Gas plants and upgrade, commissioning, start up and maintenance as well as customer training.

  • Gas Turbine O&M activities.

  • Engineering and assembling supervision of electrical power plants.

  • Design, engineering and build Waste water treatment and sea water desalination.

  • Engineering, fabrication, and construction of steel storage tanks, steel structures and pipeline.

  • Maintenance planning and management.

  • Appling the recent modern maintenance philosophy which is currently widely applied in Europe i.e. Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).

  • Provide a highly qualified maintenance Engineers to manage Maintenance team to carry out a full RCM automated application.

  • Material and spare parts supply.

  • Provided different standard and tailored onsite training courses.

  • Supply and apply of types of industrial paints from Christ-Locke.

  • Services/inspection and maintenance of oil fields equipment and pipelines.

  • Services, Maintenance, oil refineries repair and its facilities (mechanical, electrical and electronically).

  • Supply of spare parts / equipment and instruments for oil fields, platforms, Rigs, vessels and marine equipment.

  • Gesco study fabrication and paint factory.

GESCO Maintenance & Engineering

  • Maintenance Engineering.

  • Inspection & Mechanical integrity.

  • Plant Engineering.

  • Construction Management.

  • Operation & Maintenance contracting and technical assistance.

  • Major Repairs, Modification overhauls, Revamps & Turnaround Maintenance.

Human Resources

Technical / Engineering Resources:-

  • Process

  • Operation

  • Maintenance

  • Drilling

  • Projects

  • Safety

  • Quality Assurance
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