GESCO Free Zone
Downhole Completion & Production Equipment for Oil & Gas Wells


GESCO Free Zone provides all completion & downhole tools that suits and meets all the requirements for operations in open hole and cased hole.

Open Hole Completion tools and equipment:

  • Re-settable inflation packer for treating and testing for single or multiple intervals.

  • Acid jobs for single or multiple intervals.

  • Zones isolation packers.

  • Long term down hole production or injection packers.

Cased Hole Completion Tools & Operations:

  • Retrievable Production Packer.

  • Wire Line Set Retrievable Packer.

  • Permanent Production Packer.

  • Retrievable Bridge Plugs.

  • Cast Iron Fully Drillable Permanent Bridge Plugs.

  • Selective (stimulation) Acid Tool Assembly.

  • Casing Scraper.

  • Tension Packer.

  • Cement Retainers.

  • Tubing Anchor / Catcher.

  • Blast Joint.

  • SR-22 Coating.
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