GESCO Hammer Casing

GESCO Hammer Casing was established in 1992 as an international Oil & Gas Service company in Egypt. We are specialized in the conductor pipe driving through various sizes of conductor diesel hammers.

GESCO Hammer Casing work team is experienced in performing on Rig Hammering as well as Rigless hammering with high professionalism.

  • Telescopic cranes
  • Personnel :
    • Hammer operators

    • Hammer assistants

    • First class certified welders
  • Welding equipment :
    • Welding machines

    • Cutting and beveling machines

    • Oxygen and acetylene cylinders

    • Welding rods

Conductor Hammer Driving

GESCO Hammer casing has the experience and pre-qualification in the provision of Hammering Services for Offshore/Onshore oil and Gas wells.


GESCO Hammer Casing owns the following fleet of Hammers:-

  • Delmag D-30 diesel hammers

  • Delmag D-46 Diesel Hammer

  • Mitsubishi M-35 diesel hammer
Advantages of Rigless Hammering Job:-
1. Saving Rig Operation cost as no rig equipment, personnel nor related services are used

2. Minimal cost is achieved due to the saving of Rig, Bits, Mud , cementing, Supervision and Casing accessories equipment

3. Minimal time elapsed in operation execution, time of rig move, Rig Up and Rig Down, hole drilling, P/U and L/D of drilling string, mud mixing, cementing, Conductor Running.

4. Save the fresh water table damage due to formation losses flushing and during drilling and cementing operations

5. From our wide range of experience, the Cost Saving due to Rigless Job is as follows:-

• Rig Daily charge

• Bit cost

• Mud Cost

• Cement Cost

• Conductor running and accessories cost

• Job duration
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