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GESCO Free Zone has recently opened it’s Manufacturing Machine Shop, Mechanical, Electrical Repair and Test facility based in Amereya, Alexandria.

Gesco Free Zone workshop facility is capable to perform the following services:

Manufacturing & Repair

• Repair to stabilizer connections.

• Redressing of stabilizer body & sleeves.

• Manufacture and repair of fishing tools and associated parts.

• Carbide redressing of fishing tools, stabilizers, junk mills, burning shoes.

• Coded welding facility.

• Chrome, Nickel chrome and carbide re-chroming process.

• All work to be inspected on site by third party inspection and testing services according to API standards.

• General & Precision machining work.

• Manufacture & Repair of crossover subs.

• Manufacture & Repair of lift subs & lift plugs.

• Manufacture & Repair of pup joints.

• Machine new or repair API Spec 7 rotary connection on drill pipe & collars.

• Repair of flange ring type gasket (API Spec 6A).

• Flange repair and new manufacture.

• Mud pumps seal repairs.

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